Old generator of Flanders meshes 

This version is preserved here for historical reasons. After various detours we now have GroundForge for a limitless number of grounds and stitches for those grounds. A version for pencil and tracing paper was published in the "Kantbrief" of the LOKK, issue 4 of 2001, page 10-11. At most a year later this GIF/JavaScript based generator emerged.

Below the drawing on this page you can choose your own combination of stitches. JavaScript must be switched on.

You can trace the drawing with colours to investigate the flow of the threads or try to interpret the generated table below.

For example " c t c " = cloth stitch.
c = cross
t = twist both pairs
* = no image available, but the table below will work.
lt = twist left pair
rt = twist right pair

How fast does the pattern repeat?
One combination of stitches and colours repeats faster than another. The table follows the bobbins and shows repeating patterns when using multiple colors or thread sizes. For just the three most common stitches a table with all possible combinations is available grouped by the length of the repeats..

The figure below illustrates the digits for a particular combination of stitches.


Replace the bobbin numbers by a colour combination, eg. "rrggggrr" for 2 red and 2 green pairs. Then push "refresh", and look what happens in the table. Choosing other stitches not only changes the diagram but also the table.

The left column shows when colours return to their original position.

The right columns showns when bobbins return to their original position, the slashes represent threads that run more or less diagonal through the mesh. Does the right column repeat digits through the end? Then threads are running vertically or zigzag.

The tiles form the dynamic diagram at the top of the page were cut form the following image (and the red and blue erased):